Wendy Jocko



Wendy-Anne Jocko was born on February 2, 1960 and is the daughter of Leo Jocko and Williamina McKay.  She has four children and three grandchildren.  Wendy returned to Pikwakanagan in 1996 with her four children when she was posted to Garrison Petawawa.

From 1979-2002   Wendy was a member of the Canadian Forces where she served as a Supply Technician.  Wendy’s time in the military included two tours of duty in Bosnia and Croatia and work throughout Canada.


In 2001-2003 Wendy was elected as a Councillor for the Algonquin’s of Pikwakanagan First Nation. Her portfolios included: Housing, and Health.  From 2000-2003 Wendy was also the Animal Control Officer for the First Nation participated on the Pow Wow Committee from 1996-2003.


Wendy is instrumental in maintaining and commemorating the relationship between the Canadian Forces and the First Nation. She inaugurated the annual Remembrance Day parade and feast, which has recurred annually since 1999.  Wendy donated a cenotaph engraved “In honour of the Algonquin people who served Canada in war and peace” paired with Algonquin language translation.  The monument is now part of the newly unveiled set of monuments on the Pikwakanagan cultural grounds.


In 2003 Wendy moved to Scotland where she worked as a Funeral Director Embalmer, eventually becoming the Scottish Regional Governor of the British Institute of Funeral Directing.  When Wendy returned to Canada, she fulfilled a life-long dream of becoming a transport truck operator.  She drove a Pilot truck, Bed Truck with winch, tractor trailer with 53’ cradle in the Saskatchewan oil patch.  In 2015, she returned to Pikwakanagan and became a Residential Support Worker, Cook and Maintenance worker at Minwaashin Lodge’s Violence Against Women’s Shelter.


Wendy was elected to office in March of 2017 and currently holds the portfolios in Finance, Personnel and General Administration, and is the alternate for Language, Culture and Archeology, Child and Family Services and Education.